Week of November 2

What’s on Our Minds:

MS folks, Winter sport tryouts begin this week. Be extra alert for good sportsmanship for those who make the team and keep an eye out for our disappointed kiddos. Remember that not making a school sport is a very big deal to most kiddos and we always want to be the school that is small enough to notice when a student needs extra encouragement and support.

If you had any parent/teacher conferences that felt “off” in any way, please give us a heads up.  We are always here to support you but it helps tremendously if we can avoid being caught off guard by an upset parent.

Don’t forget to complete your insurance open enrollment survey!

Please send condolences to our sweet Colleen Kopchick who experienced the sudden loss of her father last week.  Wrap her in CSD love and let her know the magic of your kind thoughts.

You should expect a November fire drill this week!

Did you see this email from Connie today?  Huge thanks to Connie, Joe, and our tech time as they work tirelessly to fix out ongoing tech challenges.  Remember to keep them informed as they work to solve the problems that are frustrating you….but we sure to appreciate your patience in the process!  Please take a peek. You’ll find this recap of the week in CSDTech each Sunday in your inbox.   May all your sign-ons be happy! https://slate.adobe.com/cp/7Kac2/

Professional Development Articles and Links: 

Later today or in the morning, you will see the CSD Admin Blog for the month of October.  I’d love for everyone to carefully read this blog for your professional development article this month.  This is an important read as it is the update that our parents are getting regarding our ongoing research and reflection regarding differentiated instruction for all of our students but particularly our most academically advanced.  As you know, we are spending this year reflecting and making changes to our programs in an effort to continuously improve for all of our students.  It is critical that our staff is current and up to date on research and activities thus far so that you are informed as parents come to you for answers.  As we revisit current research and trends, we are reminded that much is done right at CSD in regard to meeting our students’ individual needs but there is always room for improvement.  I really don’t think parents expect us to be perfect but I think they deeply appreciate our commitment to continuous improvement in addition to open minds and open  hearts.  We can always get better but we must always do that in the context of the mission and vision of CSD.  Enjoy and thanks for all you do to meet the many varied needs of our students!
The Week at a Glance:
Monday, November 2nd:
Renaud to Pines
Parent Advisory – Guest Speaker on Cyber Safety – 7:30 at HS
Tuesday, November 3rd:
Lottery Open House – 9:00-11:00
Walker to Huntersville Oaks
Wednesday, November 4th:
5th Grade Barrier Island Performances
K-7 Staff Meeting – Vertical Alignment Homework Discussion
Dorothy Pagan – Teacher Leader
Thursday, November 5th:
Friday, November 6th
3rd Grade Bones Performance
7th Grade Rube Goldberg Exhibit

Looking Ahead….

November 10 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 2 – Mental Effectiveness – 3:30
November 11 – Veteran’s Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL
November 12-14 – Book Fair
November 13 – 6th Grade Greek Day
November 16 – Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
November 17 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 3 – Goals – 3:30
November 17 – MS and HS Band Concert at 7:00 in 8th Grade Theater Space
November 19 – 2nd Grade Performances
November 20 – Africa Day
November 25-29 – Thanksgiving Holidays – NO SCHOOL
December 1 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 4 – Priorities 3:30
December 2 – K-7 Staff Meeting
December 9 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 5 – Energy Management 3:30
December 15 – K7 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
December 16 – 5th Grade Proof of Concept
December 16 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 6 – Work-Life Balance
December 17 – Kindergarten Gingerbread Houses
December 21 – January 3 – WINTER BREAK

Teaching Tips by Marianne:

Some great reminders and discussion on homework:




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