Week of November 30


Dear Staff,
We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving break and that you took lots of time to feed your spirit with good food, time spent with loved ones, and lots of rest and relaxation. As the Holiday Season is now officially in fully swing, let’s be mindful of the stress that often accompanies the joys of this season. Schedules are packed and families are on the go. Routines are disrupted and sleeping is not always at a premium. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, we don’t want to lose sight of the importance of laughing with our students. When we find things to laugh about, particularly in times of stress, we are strengthening our bonds by connecting through humor. To be honest, we think this is one of the most important lessons we can give our students. So in the upcoming weeks, please make a conscious effort to enjoy your students (and families and colleagues). Laugh with others whenever possible. And in the midst of it all, let us strive to uphold ideals of the season – peace, love, joy, and hope – in all that we are and all that we do.
Marianne, Leslie, and Juli

The Week at a Glance:
Monday, November 30th:

Tuesday, December 1st:

3:30 Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 4 – Priorities

Coppola to the Laurels

Hosse to Huntersville Oaks

Wednesday, December 2nd: 
Tiffany Saborido Teacher Leader
3:30 – K-7 Staff Meeting: ASCD Feedback Presentation
Thursday, December 3rd: 
Christmas in Davidson
Friday, December 4th: 
Christmas in Davidson

Looking Ahead….
December 9 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 5 – Energy Management 3:30
December 10 – Holiday Staff Luncheon
December 11 – Red Cross Blood Drive
December 14 – School Wide Spelling Bee
December 15 – K7 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
December 16 – 5th Grade Proof of Concept
December 16 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 6 – Work-Life Balance
December 17 – Kindergarten Gingerbread Houses
December 21 – January 3 – WINTER BREAK
January 4 – Parent Advisory 7:30 at HS
January 12 – K-7 Lottery Open House 9:30 and 7:00
January 13 – Mindfulness Training – Session 7 – Follow Up 3:30
January 14 – 3rd & MS Band Charlotte Symphony
January 18 – MLK Holiday – NO SCHOOL
January 20 – Teacher Appreciation Soup Luncheon
January 21 – Regional Spelling Bee 10:00-12:00 (Lincoln County)
January 21 – Day of Observations (for Fresh Take)
January 21 – Barbara Coloroso Talk 7:30 at HS
January 26 – K-7 Lottery Open House 9:30
January 28 – 3rd Grade Children’s Theater Field Trip

Teaching Tips by Marianne:

This is a great article with practical ways to engage students!  We thought this would be helpful for this time of year.


Be sure to check out Joy’s latest post on the parent blog…
Reflections on Gratitude in the Midst of Fear

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