Week of December 7

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Dear Staff,

Happy Sunday! We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend! This past week my day was brightened by a sweet group of first grade students who brought me a huge stack of cards. In their class they have been talking about doing random acts of kindness for differnet people, and lucky for me I happened to be the recipent of one of these. There is just about nothing better than colorful children’s artwork, especially when they draw you with beautiful long hair, extra long eyelashes, a giant smile and super skinny! πŸ™‚ As I sat and read through what these first graders had written and drawn with their still pudgy little fingers and hands, I was struck by how I started to feel. That giant, red smile drawn with a marker on one of their cards began to match the smile that was on my face. Their messages were simple, but completely pure and authentic. I think I could feel my heart growing right inside my body! It made me want to go out and do something nice for someone. So, that got me thinking, this feeling these first graders just gave me was a feeling too good not to share. I need to pass it along to others, and then who knows maybe they will feel so good they will want to pass it along too! My first thought was I want to do random acts of kindness for everyone on our staff, because you all work harder and give of yourselves more than anyone I know! I decided, yes I will do this and it has to be done before winter break. Then I stopped myself and thought for a moment. Why did I feel this had to be done before winter break? Kindness should be spread throughout the year, it doesn’t have to only be at certain times of the year. So, my goal over the next few months is to spread kindness through our school. I also want to spread it just as these first graders did, with simple authencity from the heart. You may find a little note from me or one of the other administrators to you in your box or on your desk between now and June. I hope it makes you feel the way the notes from my first grade friends made me feel…special and loved, because that is truly what you all are, special and loved! My drawings may not be as cute as the first graders, but I promise to always give you beautiful flowing hair, long eye lashes, big smiles and of course super skinny! πŸ™‚ A huge thanks to this group of students for teaching me a lesson this week on kindness that I can hopefully continue to spread! Have a wonderful week!

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Check this out!
Photo of birthday cake decorated by worker with Autism goes viral

The Week at a Glance:
Monday, December 7th:
Sapp to the Pines
Whitley to Huntersville Oaks
Tuesday, December 8th:
Wednesday, December 9th:Β 
Chris Hoover – Teacher Leader
3:30 – NC Flex Meeting at HS
3:30 – Mindfulness Session in MS Media Center
Thursday, December 10th:Β 
Westbrook/Sharp to Old Knox Commons
Walker to Huntersville Oaks
Teacher Grab and Go Holiday Lunch (Soup/Salad) – 11:00-1:00
Friday, December 11th:Β 
Christmas in Davidson

Looking Ahead….
December 11 – Red Cross Blood Drive ?
December 14 – School Wide Spelling Bee
December 15 – K7 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
December 16 – 5th Grade Proof of Concept
December 16 – Staff Mindfulness Training – Session 6 – Work-Life Balance
December 17 – Kindergarten Gingerbread Houses
December 21 – January 3 – WINTER BREAK
January 4 – Parent Advisory 7:30 at HS
January 12 – K-7 Lottery Open House 9:30 and 7:00
January 13 – Mindfulness Training – Session 7 – Follow Up 3:30
January 14 – 3rd & MS Band Charlotte Symphony
January 18 – MLK Holiday – NO SCHOOL
January 20 – Teacher Appreciation Soup Luncheon
January 21 – Regional Spelling Bee 10:00-12:00 (Lincoln County)
January 21 – Day of Observations (for Fresh Take)
January 21 – Barbara Coloroso Talk 7:30 at HS
January 26 – K-7 Lottery Open House 9:30
January 28 – 3rd Grade Children’s Theater Field Trip

Teaching Tips by Marianne:



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