Week of December 14, 2015


Dear Amazing K-7 Staff,

Alas, Winter Break is upon us!   Only 5 more days until you can shut off that Monday-Friday alarm and enjoy some GMA and a second cup of coffee in your PJ’s!  Woo-hoo!  As this calendar year comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do to make CSD such a wonderful place to learn and teach.  Last week we hosted some visitors from a local charter school, and in these discussions we’re always reminded of how unique and wonderful our school community really is.  While we are far from perfect and make mistakes everyday, the love and dedication to our mission and vision remains constant.  Without a doubt, CSD is different from other workplaces in that regard, and for that, we could not be more grateful.  Please know the admin team sees the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your teaching everyday, and the relationships you’ve developed with your students, families, and colleagues are the result of your relentless efforts.  As this Holiday break approaches, please take time to enjoy the magic of the season with your students, and when Friday rolls around and the last of the Holiday school crafts have been glued together and the last of the Holiday songs have been sung, we hope that you will take a break from this calling you love so much and pour all of that incredible energy back into yourselves and your loved ones.  Let this Winter break be a time of rest, relaxation, fun, and laughter, and know that while we don’t say it nearly enough, we truly spend everyday being in awe of your magic.  Thank you for making CSD what it is today.  We can never adequately compensate you for your efforts and sacrifices, but we hope you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride each time you look into the eyes of your students.  You are their ROCKS and their ANGELS, and your influence truly goes without end.  We love you dearly and wish you the HAPPIEST of Holidays and a wonderful, richly-deserved break.

Much love,

Leslie, Marianne, and Juli


We will be reviewing our safety and protocols. Each staff member must be in attendance. We are taking care of staff child care so everyone can be there.

*The updated Staff Meeting Schedule can be found by clicking on the link below.  Thank you for your flexibility and understanding!
2015-2016 Staff Meeting Schedule:



barbara coloroso
Barbara Coloroso is coming to CSD’s Fresh Take Conference!

As many of you already know, the wonderful Barbara Coloroso will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Fresh Take Conference.  We thought it would be great to prepare for her talk by participating in a book study of one of her most riveting titles, Kids Are Worth It.  If you are interested in joining the Admin Team on Wednesday, January 13th for a discussion about this book, please sign up by using the link below:

Books can be purchased at 
If you need to borrow a school copy, please let admin know by Dec. 16th.
Please remember to not assign homework over the holidays. We understand this can be difficult but don’t forget that we believe teachers AND students need low-stress time with family and friends over holiday breaks…good for all!
Make sure to take all perishable items with you before leaving for the break.  Also, if you have classroom pets, make sure you have a plan for their care.
guinea pig


The Week at a Glance:
Monday, December 14th:
Renaud to The Pines
Randolph to Huntersville Oaks
School-wide Spelling Bee
Tuesday, December 15th:
K-7 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
Schultz to the Laurels
Teckenbrock to Huntersville Oaks
Wednesday, December 16th: 
5th Grade Proof of Concept
Siadak – Teacher Leader
Thursday, December 17th: 
Kindergarten Gingerbread Houses
Friday, December 18th: 
Davidson Basketball Game for MS
Looking Ahead….
December 21 – January 3 – WINTER BREAK
January 4 – Parent Advisory 7:30 at HS
January 12 – K-7 Lottery Open House 9:30 and 7:00
January 13 – Mindfulness Training – Session 7 – Follow Up 3:30
January 14 – 3rd & MS Band Charlotte Symphony
January 18 – MLK Holiday – NO SCHOOL
January 20 – Teacher Appreciation Soup Luncheon
January 21 – Regional Spelling Bee 10:00-12:00 (Lincoln County)
January 21 – Day of Observations (for Fresh Take)
January 21 – Barbara Coloroso Talk 7:30 at HS
January 26 – K-7 Lottery Open House 9:30
January 28 – 3rd Grade Children’s Theater Field Trip


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