Week of January 11, 2016

Dear Staff,

We hope everyone found Wednesday’s Staff Meeting on School Safety helpful.  We know the topic of active shooters and school safety can be hard to think about, but as Officer Geiger and Chief Miller so eloquently stated, we must be proactive and think ahead so we will be better prepared to make quick decisions in the event of a true emergency.  There was so much great information given in regards to best practices that we thought it might be helpful to give a brief recap of the highlights:

Intruder Info:

  • When in doubt, call 911.  In the words of Office Geiger, if you are wondering whether or not you should call, call.
  • In the event of an emergency, you have 3 choices:  Run, Hide, or Fight.  ANYTHING is better than nothing.  So think through each of these options and go through a couple of scenarios in your mind pertaining to your specific teaching space(s), including the playground and black top.
  • The average public shooting instance lasts less than 6 minutes.  So quick action is essential.  Anything you can do to deter the shooter from entering your space is extremely advantageous as they are likely to move on if they can’t enter the space quickly.
  • Make sure you wear your school badge at all times.  This visible symbol is extremely helpful to the influx of security that would arrive on location in the event of emergency.
  • Once police arrive, the best thing to do is put your hands up and get out of the way.  Move in the opposite direction of the police.  The “hands up” signal communicates to the police that you are a “good guy.”

CSD Admin will be meeting with the Davidson Police Department in the next few weeks to review our internal safety protocol and tweak our plans as necessary.  In the meantime, we did ask about keeping classroom doors locked at all times.  DPD confirmed that this was best practice even though it’s inconvenient for staff.  For the time being, we have decided to leave that decision up to each individual classroom, but best practice is to keep internal doors locked as well.

Student Accident/Injury/Illness:

  • First of all, please remember that supervision is essential.  Teachers should never be looking at cell phones while supervising children at recess.  Also, while we understand that it is fun for teachers to chat and catch up during their class’s play time, it is very important that teachers spread out and cover a wide range of areas on the playground and blacktop during recess.  If students are using the grassy area above the black top, please make sure a couple of teachers are stationed there as well.
  • If a child is ever going home in a different condition than they arrived at school, parents should be called.  This includes the obvious injuries such as cuts, bruises, sprains, broken bones, etc…  All of these accidents should be documented using the CSD Accident Report form (link below) and recorded in the Incident Binder located at the front desk.  Please be sure to notify an administrator so they are aware of the incident.
  • For Head Injuries, please do the following:

                   -Ice the point of impact.

                    -Fill out an accident report and add to incident binder.

                    -Immediately call parents and inform them of the incident.

                     -Notify an administrator.

*Follow this protocol even if the child “seems” fine or insists he/she is fine, and always call parents immediately for head injuries.

  • For Back/Spinal Cord Injuries and Suspected Broken Bones:

-Do not move child

             -Notify the front desk and an administrator immediately

  • In other emergency situations:

              -Call the Front Desk and alert admin immediately.

                -We prefer to err or the side of caution, so if it is a true life-             threatening emergency, call 911 right away.  It is always best to call 911 from the room where the student is located so information can be relayed to the dispatcher.

                -Admin will gather the facts and then the parents will be contacted (either by admin or the teacher depending on the situation).

                 -Complete Student Accident Report.

In all situations, if you are an adult helping a student other than your own, please make sure you notify the child’s teacher immediately so he/she can be kept closely in the loop.

To access a copy of the Student Accident Report, click here –https://docs.google.com/document/d/165Areljzv8Z7mNYqc1ag7Gfnm4zBBv9N5Ok2ijoRGJk/edit?usp=sharing

Please make sure this report is completed in the event of a student accident, and place a copy in the Red Binder at the Front Desk.
All medical emergency equipment (AED/defibrillator, Epi Pens, breathing masks, etc…) is located at the Front Desk in the medical cabinet behind the door to the admin offices.  It is NOT in the First Aid cabinet in the workroom.

In closing, if you have any follow up thoughts, questions, or concerns based upon Wednesday’s staff meeting, please feel free to contact an administrator to discuss.  We are so grateful for all you do to keep our students safe.  As Officer Geiger mentioned on Wednesday, there are three essential elements in keeping schools safe:

  1. Have a plan.
  2. Discuss the plan.
  3. Believe in the plan.

While we are not perfect and could never be fully prepared for every given scenario, we do feel confident about the procedures and protocol we have in place.  And we feel extremely fortunate to have such a positive working relationship with the Davidson Police Department.  As Chief Miller stated, their tactical knowledge of our building gives them a tremendous advantage when it comes to the safety of our school community.  So please make every effort to thank them when you see them!

Juli, Leslie, and Marianne

The Week at a Glance

Monday, January 11th:
Marianne is out at the Love and Logic workshop in Charlotte.
Tuesday, January 12th:
K-7 Lottery Open House – 9:30 and 7:00
Holshouser to Huntersville Oaks
Wednesday, January 13th: 
Kids Are Worth It Book Study for Staff – 3:00
5th Grade Meteorologist visit – 1:00-3:00
Beth Knight – Teacher Leader
Thursday, January 14th: 
3rd & MS Band Charlotte Symphony
Friday, January 15th: 

Looking Ahead….
January 18 – MLK Holiday – NO SCHOOL
January 20 – Teacher Appreciation Soup Luncheon
January 21 – Regional Spelling Bee 10:00-12:00 (Lincoln County)
January 21 – Day of Observations (for Fresh Take)
January 21 – Barbara Coloroso Talk 7:30 at St. Alban’s Episcopal
January 26 – K-7 Lottery Open House 9:30
January 27 – Mindfulness Training – Session 7 – Follow Up 3:30
January 27 – Admin Planning Day
January 28 – 3rd Grade Children’s Theater Field Trip
February 2-4 – Scholastic Book Fair at MS Media Center
February 4 – 3rd Charlotte Museum of History
February 5 – Report Cards due to Admin
February 5 – 4th Grade Play
February 9 – K7 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Cart!!!
February 10 – 1st Grade Performances
February 11-12 – TEACHER WORKDAYS & 6th Grade SLC’s
February 18 – Kindergarten Gallery Crawl
February 18-19 – MS (6/7/8) Dance Performances
February 22 – CSD Lottery at HS Black Box

Important Reminders:

barbara colorosoBarbara Coloroso is coming to CSD’s Fresh Take Conference!
As many of you already know, the wonderful Barbara Coloroso will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Fresh Take Conference. We thought it would be great to prepare for her talk by participating in a book study of one of her most riveting titles, Kids Are Worth It. If you are interested in joining the Admin Team on Wednesday, January 13th for a discussion about this book, please sign up by using the link below:

Books can be purchased at

Report Cards are due to admin by Friday, February 5th for review.  Let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

Enroll in NCFlex Benefits Online – January 11-22, 2016  – https://shp-login.hrintouch.com/Platform/Default.aspx?ApplicationID=UniversalLogin&PageID=Login&TenantID=shp-login

Please complete the Staff Intent Survey by January 22nd by clicking on the link. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/intent16
If you are interested in seeking a change, please email admin to set up an appointment (if you have not already done so).


Teaching Tips by Marianne:

IMG_3288 (1)


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