Week of February 16

The week ahead…

Dear Staff,

Happy President’s Day!  We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  Lets hope that it helps in getting rid of some of the sickness we have had going around lately.  Last week we had several classes with the stomach bug that seemed to spread like wild fire.  Please make sure students are washing their hands before they eat snack and lunch.  Also make sure that we are wiping down tables, door knobs and light switches as best we can to help prevent spreading.  It would be a good idea to remind parents in your newsletters that children should be fever free and have not thrown up for at least 24 hours before they return to school.  Also, please make sure you are having parents check their child/children regularly for lice.  We have had several cases of this in classrooms and the middle school as well.  If you need help checking let admin know and we are happy to help.

On a happier note 🙂 Read Across America day is fast approaching, on March 2- Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  It is a nationwide celebration of reading that happens annually.  Marianne, Juli and I have decided to completely block that day to spend time reading in classrooms…hooray our favorite!  If there are certain times or certain books you would like for us to read let us know and we would be happy to help in your class celebration of reading.  I know last year several classes had mystery readers sign up to read throughout the day, as well as lots of fun Dr. Seuss activities planned.  I remember watching the 4th and 5th graders get so excited about mystery readers and their fun Dr. Seuss reading activities!  We often forget that big kids like to do these things just as much as the little kiddos.  I have listed two websites below if you need help with ideas.  We also found a cute t-shirt that each of us ordered to wear on that day to celebrate.  I listed the link below in case anyone else wanted to order one, because I know many of you are all about the cute t-shirt! 🙂  We hope to help get all children excited about reading!  Have a wonderful week and happy reading!




The Week at a Glance

Monday, February 16th:
No School – President’s Day Holiday
Tuesday, February 17th:
Webb to Huntersville Oaks
Wednesday, February 18th: 
11:00 – 7th Grade Weather Talk with Al Conklin
Juli at HS doing observations
Dorothy Pagan – Teacher Leader
3:30 – K-7 Staff Meeting
Thursday, February 19th: 
Westbrook/Sharp to Olde Knox Commons
Kindergarten Gallery Crawl
MS Dance Dress Rehearsals (Juli at 8th grade for dance supervision)
Friday, February 20th: 
MS Dance Performances (Marianne at 8th grade for dance supervision)

Looking Ahead….
February 22 – CSD Lottery at HS Black Box
March 2 – Butterfly Project – 6th Grade
March 2 – 5th Grade Children’s Theater Field Trip, Read Across America Day
March 3 – 2nd Grade Children’s Theater Field Trip
March 4 – 2nd Grade Art Gallery
March 4 – 7th Grade Field Trip to Bodyworks at Discovery Place
March 7 – 4th Grade to JA Biztown
March 7 – Parent Advisory – 7:30 at HS
March 9 – Proof of Concept – 5th Grade
March 10 & 11 – 3rd Grade Wax Museum
March 11 – 5th Grade Opera Load In
March 14-18 – 5th Grade Opera
March 17-19 – MS Musical – The Lion King
March 17 – 3rd Grade Walking Tour of Charlotte
March 18 – 7th Grade Asia Day
March 21-24 – 5th Grade Opera
March 25-April 3 – SPRING BREAK
April 4 – Classes resume


We are going to try to be more diligent about turning the carpool phones lines at 2:45 (not 2:40). Please help us by sending students who ride the bus at 2:40. We are hoping this helps you in your classroom.

Teaching Tips by Marianne:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.20.21 PM

10 tips for getting your students back on track after a snow day
How can you make the most of post-snow lessons? We asked our followers on Twitter (Psst! Come join us!) how they get their classes back on track after a surprise snow day…or week. Read on for their best tips and stow them away to try after your next snow day!
  1. “I always ask students what they did during their time off & do “you” think it was necessary. I make students stakeholders.”—Teacher @mxdhny66.
  2. “Although my Ss will not be in this situation, I’d do snow-related sci. experiments/tie in thermal energy/transformations.”—Teacher @love5thgrade
  3. “Colorado teachers know all about snow! Engage students by letting them share snow day adventures and make it a learning opp.”—Teacher and designer couple @COTeachContent
  4. “Surprise snow? Snowball fight w/ sight words on paper and write about their fun adventures, then share!”—Teacher @croberson8
  5. “Ss summarize their day off in writing using 10 words or less first thing in AM and share out.” —Teacher @AlieSanterre
  6. “Nothing like some vocabulary basketball! #SpanishClass”—Teacher @clarkjjw
  7. “This year we talked about friction in science with sleds and built our own experiments to try it out!” —Teacher @PopIntoFourth
  8. “We write about it and take turns sharing! Might as well turn the excitement into a lesson.”—Teacher @LyndsayTeaches
  9. “Review the rules, procedures, and previous material in a fun @GetKahoot game. My students ❤ my quizzes.” —Teacher @mcathyg
  10. “Some great learning during snow days, we’ll talk about that, then graph the rate of snowfall from data.” —Teacher @MsWolfinger
And if all else fails, teacher @gary_neuzil has one final, succinct piece of advice:
“Snowball fight.”

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