Week of April 18

What’s On My Mind:
Here’s a thought that’s both terrifying and delightful.
Andy Rooney quote
This is the time of year when craziness ensues, or at least for me it does.  My to-do list is far too long to be accomplished by day’s end, and the demands put on me by others (but mostly put on me by MYSELF) are far too great to be accomplished by even the greatest of task masters.  I sometimes find myself in an unproductive state of not knowing where to start…or to stop… Simply put, I’m overwhelmed!  It’s times like these where I find it best to put everything down and take a few moments to center myself.  When being pulled in a million different directions, choices have to be made and priorities are essential.  I have a few guiding questions that help me recenter when I’m feeling ineffective and rattled, and this is one of my favorites.
What do you want to be remembered for?
As educators, we have the distinctive honor of being able to touch many lives over the course of our careers.  As Andy Rooney so eloquently states, “Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us.  Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.”  So it’s worth stopping from time to time and focusing on #whatmatters.  The daily grind is important, and to-do lists are real and necessary.  But there are also far more important things that may or may not be on our mile-long lists.  And while it seems counterintuitive, the time we need to stop (and breathe and reflect) the most is when we feel we have the least amount of time to do it.  So don’t cheat yourself or others by barreling through.  Make sure to carve out time to reflect on the person you are…the teacher you are…and the person/teacher you strive to be.  I promise you, it will be time well spent.
Along these same lines, I ran across this post, and it struck a chord in me as well.  Fill in the blank…. I want to be the kind of teacher….http://pernillesripp.com/2015/02/10/i-want-to-be-the-kind-of-teacher/

The Week at a Glance

Monday, April 18th:
Earth Day – 2nd Grade
Tuesday, April 19th:
Teckenbrock to Huntersville Oaks
10:00-11:30 – Interviews in Marianne’s office
Wednesday, April 20th: 
Earth Day – 3rd Grade
Mr. Hoover Teacher Leader
6/7 Dance Sharing
K-7 Staff Meeting CANCELLED
Thursday, April 21st: 
Earth Day – 1st Grade
Washam to Olde Knox Commons
Kindergarten Field Trip to Raptor Center
Poem in Your Pocket Day
Friday, April 22nd: 
1/2 of 6th Grade Field Trip to UNCC Botanical Gardens
K-7 Workday
CSD Golf Tournament and Ladies Luncheon
Earth Day – 5th Grade

Looking Ahead…. 
April 25 – K7 Teacher Appreciation Cinco De Mayo Luncheon
April 25 – Earth Day – 4th Grade
April 26 – Band Concernt in MS Gym – 7:00 p.m.
April 28 – SNOW MAKE UP DAY; 7th Grade SLC’s
April 29 – Teacher Workday
May 4 – *No Staff Meeting
May 6 – 6th UNCC Botanical Gardens (other 1/2 of grade level)
May 7 – Spartan 5K & Half Marathon
May 10 – 1st Rainforest/Endangered Species Science Fair
May 11 – MANDATORY EOG Testing Training during staff meeting
May 12 – Kindergarten Oceans Play
May 13 – May 14 – CSD Staff Retreat
May 17 – 4th Stone Mountain
May 17 – 5th Grade Science EOG
May 19 – 3-8 Reading EOG
May 20 – 3-8 Math EOG
May 24 – 25 – 7th Grade Ropes Course
May 25 – 6th Holocaust Museum–Parents & Family
May 26 – 1st Hiddenite Mine Field Trip
May 26 – 4th Economic Fair
May 26 – 6th Holocaust Museum–Open to Public
May 27 – Kindergarten Screening
May 27 – Teacher Workday; Optional Parent Conferences
May 30 – Memorial Day HOLIDAY – No school
May 31 – 3rd Kool Kats Cafe
May 31 – 7th Change Project
May 31 – Kindergarten Water Day
May 31 – State of the School Address
June 1 – Last Day of School
June 2 – Graduation
June 2 & 3 – Teacher Workdays

Teaching Tips:

As we enter this season of EOG Review and Prep, please keep in mind the role formative assessment plays in this process.  Great teachers constantly assess where their students are in relation to the learning target, and then they adjust their instruction based on their assessment of student learning.  Here are a few reminders on effective formative assessment strategies.


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.12.21 AM

Additionally, it is essential to keep test prep FUN!  While we must ensure that all of our lessons and activities are rigorous, it is equally as important to keep students engaged and inspired with an element of fun.  I stumbled across this blog this week, and I thought she had some good ideas for “gamifying” EOG prep.  Perhaps this will give you a few ideas to try or maybe even evoke a few new ideas of your own!  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.53.05 AM


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