Week of April 25

You just never know who might stop by CSD!

cam newton

The Week at a Glance

Monday, April 25th:
K7 Teacher Appreciation Cinco De Mayo Luncheon
Tuesday, April 26th:
Earth Day – 4th Grade
Coppola to the Laurels
Wednesday, April 27th: 
Mary Mayo visit after school – Please come say hi!
Band Concert in MS Gym – 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, April 28th: 
Snow Make Up Day
7th Grade SLC’s (by appointment)
Kindergarten Davidson Walking Tour
Thompson to Huntersville Oaks
Friday, April 29th: 
Teacher Workday

Looking Ahead…. 
May 4 – NO staff meeting

May 4 – Reed Gold Mine 4th Grade Field Trip
May 6 – 6th UNCC Botanical Gardens (other 1/2 of grade level)
May 7 – Spartan 5K & Half Marathon
May 10 – 1st Rainforest/Endangered Species Science Fair
May 11 – MANDATORY EOG Testing Training during staff meeting
May 11 – Last day of 6/7 Arts Electives
May 12 – Kindergarten Oceans Play
May 12 – Last Day of 6/7 Branch Electives
May 13 – May 14 – CSD Staff Retreat
May 17 – 4th Stone Mountain
May 17 – 5th Grade Science EOG
May 19 – 3-8 Reading EOG
May 20 – 3-8 Math EOG
May 24 – 25 – 7th Grade Ropes Course
May 25 – 6th Holocaust Museum–Parents & Family
May 26 – 1st Hiddenite Mine Field Trip
May 26 – 4th Economic Fair
May 26 – 6th Holocaust Museum–Open to Public
May 27 – Kindergarten Screening
May 27 – Teacher Workday; Optional Parent Conferences
May 30 – Memorial Day HOLIDAY – No school
May 31 – 3rd Kool Kats Cafe
May 31 – 7th Change Project
May 31 – Kindergarten Water Day
May 31 – State of the School Address
June 1 – Last Day of School
June 2 – Graduation
June 2 & 3 – Teacher Workdays


2-3 & 4-5 BATHROOMS

Teachers in Grades 2-5, please have a class meeting about taking care of our bathrooms.  Students are leaving paper towels on the floor and being rough with the paper towel holders.  We had to speak to several students about banging on the holders.  We ask for your help to monitor the bathrooms closely since we are sharing.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience and are doing all we can to help the situation.


We are going to celebrate Mary Mayo with a special Standing “O” for her visit on Wednesday.  Because having everyone share a Standing “O” in person may be too much for her, Mary Thompson asked me to dedicate the Standing “O” board to Mary this week.  Please post your messages to Mary on the board in the workroom, drop them off in my mailbox or the elementary gym, or give them to me.  I know it would mean so much to Mary to have a booklet full of loving thoughts!!!
Thank you so much!
Nancy Lauro
From Debbie Beam:

Hi Everyone,  Can you please remember to turn in all teacher reimbursement forms by May 20?  We will be closing the financial records with the state at the end of June and need to make sure that all purchases made have been paid for.

We will not reimburse for purchases made after the May 20 date or in June so please don’t make any.  Please include your home address on any reimbursements submitted in May just in case the checks are printed after you are gone for the summer.

Please email me with any questions at dpbeam@bellsouth.net.

From Joy about spending:
Hi Everyone!

As you know, our fiscal year ends June 30 which means we have to spend all of May and June making sure all outstanding bills and ordered items/services are received and invoices paid.

What does this mean to staff?
1). This means that if you need anything ordered (with the exception of ongoing things like copy paper purchasing) for this year, that it be ordered by May 1 so that we can get it delivered and paid.
2). This means that we will be asking for all personal reimbursements (remember that you should always get approval before purchasing) by May 15.
3).  This means that anything not yet ordered by May 1 will have to wait until July 1.  Chrissy will be asking for wish lists now for summer ordering and the she may go ahead and order some things now so that we can get them in and paid for before summer so be quick about getting those wish lists to her so she will have them on her radar when she meets with me about budget/ordering.  Remember that big items purchased should be approved by admin and Chrissy always checks with us.
4). Please make sure you are beginning to think about collections books/novels/textbooks/calculators and taking inventory.  There is nothing that makes sadder than lost resources.  HS teachers, be sure to collect textbooks as soon as they are not needed for studying as this is a super expensive loss (some textbooks cost over $300 for one book) and we want time to stalk kids/parents to get them!  🙂

Thanks, as always, for your help with this! It means the world to us that we have a wonderful audit every year and part of the reason it goes well is because of this process!

Teaching Tips with Marianne

Many of us have anxiety at this time of year.  I have met with several students this week and the common theme is that they are stressed about EOGs!  I know we do an outstanding job explaining the testing process to students, but please remember that some students are acting out because they are feeling the pressures of the testing as well as: the end of the year, leaving a loop and favorite teacher, going to a new hallway wing, and/or moving on to middle school.

As stated in one of my favorites books, The Behavior Code (Minahan and Rappaprot, MD, 2013):


All behavior is a form of communication. Even though students’ behavior can look bizarre or disruptive, their actions are purposeful and are their attempts to solve a problem. Even if the behavior is not productive or is inappropriate, it is critical to step back and try to decipher what the student is trying to communicate and what the function (or intent) of the behavior is. Instead of asking, “ Where did that come from?” ask, “What is the student communicating?” (Minahan& Rappaport, 2013 pg. 15)

Essential Concepts for Understanding Behavior:

  • Misbehavior is a symptom of an underlying cause.
  • Behavior is communication.
  • Behavior has a function.
  • Behavior occurs in patterns.
  • The only behavior teachers can control is their own.
  • Behavior can be changed. (pg.13)



P.S.  Not sure who was responsible for this, but thanks for keeping us laughing!  THIS is how we get through the tough days!  Thank you to our anonymous funny friend…. We love you!



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