May 2, 2016

Dear Staff,

Happy Weekend!  Joy shared this article with high school staff this week, and we thought it was full of great ideas and reminders for us all, so we are sharing it with K-7 as well.  Thanks, Joy!  Enjoy!

I absolutely love this article and can never read it enough….awesome suggestions to begin the year for sure but also good reminder as we end this year strong.

3 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Your Students | Edutopia

The Week at a Glance

Monday, May 2nd:

Tuesday, May 3rd:
Hosse to Huntersville Oaks
Schultz to Laurels
K-12 Teacher Appreciation Pizza Lunch
Wednesday, May 4th: 
4th Grade Field Trip to Reed Gold Mine
Washam – Teacher Leader
Thursday, May 5th: 
Westbrook/Sharp to Olde Knox Commons
Friday, May 6th: 
Elementary Spirit Friday

Looking Ahead…. 
May 7 – Spartan 5K & Half Marathon
May 10 – 1st Rainforest/Endangered Species Science Fair
May 11 – MANDATORY EOG Testing Training during staff meeting
May 11 – Last day of 6/7 Arts Electives
May 12 – Kindergarten Oceans Play
May 12 – Last Day of 6/7 Branch Electives
May 13 – May 14 – CSD Staff Retreat
May 17 – 4th Stone Mountain
May 17 – 5th Grade Science EOG
May 19 – 3-8 Reading EOG
May 20 – 3-8 Math EOG
May 24 – 25 – 7th Grade Ropes Course
May 25 – 6th Holocaust Museum–Parents & Family
May 26 – 1st Hiddenite Mine Field Trip
May 26 – 4th Economic Fair
May 26 – 6th Holocaust Museum–Open to Public
May 27 – Kindergarten Screening
May 27 – K-7 Report Cards Due to Admin for Editing
May 27 – Teacher Workday; Optional Parent Conferences
May 30 – Memorial Day HOLIDAY – No school
May 31 – 3rd Kool Kats Cafe
May 31 – 7th Change Project
May 31 – Kindergarten Water Day
May 31 – State of the School Address
June 1 – Last Day of School
June 2 – Graduation
June 2 & 3 – Teacher Workdays


All Chromebooks will be collected from 565 on Wednesday, May 11th and Thursday, May 12th for EOG/EOC testing.  Please plan accordingly.  For more information, please click here:

Below is a sign up for the annual Volunteer Appreciation event.  It will be held concurrently with the “State of the School”  meetings on Tuesday, May 31, (9am and 7pm).  We will be providing a breakfast bar during the morning session and a dessert bar during the evening session.  In order for this to be successful, we need each staff member to sign up for a donation of food, time, money or help.  Thanks in advance for your contribution!  If you have any questions, please email or text Lisa Humphries or 704-763-1642.  Location:  High School Arts Commons outside the ArtSpace Theater.
Click here to sign up:   Volunteer Appreciation Sign Up

Teaching Tips by Marianne: 

4 Vital Questions to Teach Your KidsScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.40.44 AM

As I reflect on more than two decades of parenting my own children, I continue to believe that the greatest gift any parent can give is to help their child develop self-awareness.

The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung said:

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

One of the best opportunities for clarity about who we are and want to become presents itself when we have conflict with others. Whenever my children have had conflict with their mom, sister, best friend, teacher, teammate, coach, or a stranger, I have done my best to focus them on questions that help them become more self-aware. That’s because humans have a tendency to focus on the actions, attitudes, and beliefs of “the other” in the conflict. We want to avoid asking the tough questions about our own role in bringing about conflict. It’s simply easier and more convenient to blame the other person for creating and sustaining conflict.

I’ve found that teaching my children to ask the following four questions has helped them navigate conflict and come out the other side more self-aware:

1. What was my role in creating this conflict?

2. Does the way I’ve acted during this conflict represent the kind of person I want to be?

3. Are the decisions I’ve made during this conflict in line with the kind of person I want to be?

4. If I saw someone else behave in the way I’ve behaved during this conflict, what would I think?

It’s amazing how these questions have helped my children gain insight into who they are and want to become. These questions have helped them step back and take an objective view of the situation and realize that, regardless of what the other person says or does, they have the power to end the conflict or walk away from it.

Teach your children to use these questions to help them grow into self-aware youngsters and adults. You’ll be glad you did.

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