Week of August 22, 2016

Dear K-7 Staff,

Congratulations on a GREAT first week!  It was so fun spending time in your classrooms and watching you connect (or reconnect) with your students as the case may be. Everyone seems to be off to a great start, and we are certain that your classroom communities will only continue to strengthen as time goes by.

This short video came across my Facebook feed this week, and I thought it tied in beautifully with our school-wide community goals of perspective-taking, acceptance, and understanding.  It is so easy to make assumptions of others and to make snap judgements without having all of the information.  One of my favorite spiritual teachers is a man by the name of Don Miguel Ruiz.  He is probably most famous for his book, The Four Agreements.  (If you haven’t read it, I recommend it highly as it truly changed my life is one of those “go-to” books I pull off of the shelf frequently.)  One of the four agreements is “Don’t make assumptions.”  This is so simple, yet so hard, as our brains our wired to put information together and make meaning.  The problem is that we are also highly creative, beings with a wide range of emotions, and we tend to infuse our emotions and infer meanings that are not always accurate.  The good news is that with continuous awareness and lots of hard work, we can train ourselves to change our thinking.  As many famous philosophers and teachers have pointed out, we are what we think.  Once we change our thinking, we can truly change our lives.  This short video clip reminds us that we never truly know what others are going through at any given moment.  It is a powerful reminder that our interactions with others are extremely important, yet they are not always reflective of what meets the eye.  So as you go into next week and into this new school year, please be mindful of others’ perspectives.  Please work hard to not make assumptions of others as we often don’t have all of the information.  It is through the modeling of gratitude, forgiveness, attempted understanding, and acceptance that we offer our students the most important life lessons.  We truly cannot think of a more talented group to be charged with this task.  So please know our hats are always off to you for having open hearts and for always striving to bring out the best in yourselves and in others.  This is where the magic lies and where the true essence of our community blossoms.  Thank you!



The Week At A Glance:

Monday, August 22nd:
Leslie out
Tuesday, August 23rd:
Marianne out
Wednesday, August 24th:
Teacher Leader Meeting after P.M. carpool in front office
Thursday, August 25th:
8:15 a.m. – Explore Electives Parent Training in Black Box

Friday, August 26th:
First Day of Explore Electives
Juli and Marianne out but Leslie will be here. 🙂 Thank you, Leslie!

Upcoming Dates:
Aug 30th – 3rd Grade BOG Test
Aug 30th – IMPT Parent Advisory Kick Off Meeting – 7:30 p.m. @ HS
Aug 31st – K-7 Curriculum Night – 6:00-8:00
Sept 2nd – Elementary Spirit Friday
Sept 5th – NO SCHOOL – Labor Day Holiday
Sept 6th – ASE Classes begin
Sept 7th – Yearbook Pictures – Grades 3-5
Sept 7th – Staff Meeting
Sept 8th – Yearbook Pictures – Grades K-2
Sept 9th – Yearbook Pictures – Grades 6-7
Sept 13th – Ident-A-Kid
Sept 15th – Discount Cards $ (or cards) due
Sept 23rd – 6th Grade Ropes Course Field Trip (1/2 grade level)
Sept 28-30 – 5th Grade Barrier Island Ropes Course
Sept 30th – 6th Grade Ropes Course Field Trip (1/2 grade level)
Oct 3rd – NO SCHOOL – Holiday
Oct 4th – Parent Advisory 7:30 p.m. at HS
Oct 7th – Elementary Spirit Friday
Oct 7th – HS Homecoming
Oct 11th – CSD Kickball Tournament and Family Festival
Oct 12th – No School; Teacher Workday
Oct 28th – Parade of Fiction
Oct 31st – No School; Teacher Workday
Nov 1st – No School; Teacher Workday
Nov 3rd – Elementary Day of Dead Celebration (Spanish)
Nov 4th – Elementary Spirit Day
Nov 8th – Parent Advisory 8:30 a.m. at HS
Nov 14h – 7th Grade Africa Day
Nov 11th – NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day Holiday


CSD 1st Annual Kickball Tournament and Family Festival – KICKBALL REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN… register on the festival website.  There is a elem staff team, MS staff team, and HS staff team.  It is going to be a wonderful evening of community and school spirit.  Scholarships are available for staff, please let Joyce know if you are interested in a scholarship.

K-7 Curriculum Night is rapidly approaching!  Please click Curriculum Night Schedule to view the schedule (for MS).  We will have Elem follow the same schedule as MS. This was posted for parents in order to make it as easy possible.  Listed below are the times for each session.  Remember to leave a few minutes at the end for parents to “travel” to their next session if they have more than one child.    This means you do not need to talk for the entire 40 minutes.  Leave about 5 minutes of travel time.   Also, Elem Specials Teachers are asked to be available for parents to pop in and learn about your classes as well, although we will not have specific rotations for specials classes.  Last year, we also got quite a few questions about what goes on in the Literacy Lab, so please let us know which Literacy Facilitators will be here to answer parent questions.  Thanks, all!  Let us know if you have any questions!
6:00-6:40 session 1
6:40-7:20 session 2
7:20-8:00 session 3

During the first weeks of school Juli, Leslie, and Marianne would love to come around K-7 classrooms to introduce ourselves and read aloud a book.  We were able to get to a few classrooms and hightlighted them on our document.  We plan to use the next few weeks to get to each classroom.

Teaching Tips with Marianne

ELA Livebinder

8 Strategies to Teach Academic Vocabulary


NC Math Wiki

K-2 Assessment Resources

Grades 3-5 Assessment Resources

Middle School Assessment Resources





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