Week of February 6, 2017

Dear Staff,

As you all know, Dr. Boyer defined “literacy” broadly to include words, numbers, and the arts.  One of his Core Commonalities is entitled “Response to the Aesthetic” and reads as follows:

All Basic School students understand that people responds to beauty and can be expressive in the arts.  They explore the rich variety of artistic expression, learning about the various works of art, recognizing the benefits of making art, and knowing some of the ways in which visual and performing arts have evolved in different cultures.

Let us take a few moments to celebrate the artists among us and the teachers who have so beautifully integrated these experiences into their classrooms.  Walking down our hallways and visiting the classrooms is a feast of beauty for the eyes and soul, and we thank you, THE TEACHERS, who make this possible!

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Week At A Glance:

Monday, February 6th
Report Cards due to admin for review
Garren to Huntersville Oaks
Teacher Preview Party Bookfair (after carpool)
Tuesday, February 7th
Scholastic Book Fair (in MS Media Center)
2nd Grade Kabuto Field Trip
1st Grade Children’s Theater Field Trip (Junie B Jones)
Parent Advisory at 9:00 a.m. in 8th Grade Spanish Room
Wednesday, February 8th
Scholastic Book Fair (in MS Media Center)
Thursday, February 9th
Scholastic Book Fair (in MS Media Center)
Hurlbut to Huntersville Oaks
Hot Chocolate Party at Book Fair
Love and Logic Parenting Class – 7:30 p.m. at MS Media Center
Friday, February 10th
Babysitting Night by Key Club at HS (in MS Black Box)

Upcoming Dates:
Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day and Celebrations!
Feb 15 – Staff Meeting (K-3: Handwriting Without Tears, 4-5; Loop Reflective Meeting, 6-7 Team Planning) *K-3, please bring a sample of handwriting from a student who struggles.
Feb 16-17 – Teacher Workdays
Feb 16 – 6th Grade SLC’s
Feb 20 – NO School – President’s Day Holiday
Feb 22 – Grab and Go Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Feb 24 – MS Dance Performances
Feb 27 – CSD Lottery 4:00 – HS Black Box
Feb 28 – 4th Grade Mountain Unit Sharing
Mar 1 – K-7 Staff Meeting in Black Box
Mar 7-8 – AdvancEd Accreditation Visit
Mar 7 – Parent Advisory 7:30 at HS
Mar 8 – K-12 Staff Meeting (Accreditation Results)
Mar 9-10 – Teacher Workdays – NO SCHOOL
Mar 9 – 7th Grade SLC’s
Mar 14 – 6th Grade Butterfly Project
Mar 15 – K-7 Staff Meeting MS Black Box
Mar 17 – 3rd Grade Charlotte Symphony
Mar 17 – 7th Grade Asia Day
March 25 – CSD Auction
Week of March 20th – EOG Pre-testing and Data Analysis to be completed by 3/27/16
Week of Mar 27 – 5th Grade Operas
Week of March 27 – EOG Review and Prep Begins
Mar 29 – Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Week of April 3 – 5th Grade Operas
April 7 – 16 – Spring Break
April 17 – Classes Resume
Upcoming “BIG” Dates:
May 12-13 – Staff Retreat
Week of May 15 – EOG’s
May 30 – State of the School Address
May 31 – Last Day of School
June 1-2 – Teacher Workdays


Please make sure you are reminding your students to work on their class Valentines.  All Valentines should be signed by each student as well as edited by the parents.  Thank you for your help with this!

Report Cards:
Optional Parent/Teacher Conferences for the 2nd Trimester are scheduled for Feb 16th and 17th.  We would like to ask that all teachers have their report cards ready for admin to review by Monday, February 6th.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help with assessments.  Thanks for all you do!

Accreditation Evidences for QAR Needed ASAP:
As you know, our Accreditation 5 Year Renewal Visit is coming up on March 7th and 8th.  Part of the preparation for this visit entails collecting evidences that support our mission and vision and how they relate to the AdvancEd Standards.  We need a sampling of interdisciplinary “projects” or “units of study” from each of our grade levels along with a variety of student samples.  At your next team meeting, please pick a unit from your grade level (or loop) that you feel is an excellent representation of how we teach at CSD.  Some ideas for evidences include but are not limited to the following:

Scope/Sequences of Thematic Units of Study (think “tubs” – in fact, a tub could even be an evidence!)
Key Questions/Essential Questions
Specific Lesson Plans (think multidisciplinary station work, for example)
Scripts from class plays
DVD’s of past classes’ performances (I PROMISE to take good care of these!)
Programs from past performances
*Don’t forget work samples if you have them!
There is a box outside Juli’s office labeled “Evidences.”  Please place your team’s/loop’s selection in this box by February 15th.  Thank you!

Note from Joy:

Please take time to read this culminating report of our school interval review (see email entitled “Accreditation Report).  When the Accred team comes to CSD, they will spend two days in our school in an out of our K-12 classrooms and will certainly be asking questions about what we do and how we do it. The visit is in early March and we want to make sure everyone has time to read this document prepare for the external review team visit. If you are willing to be on the list of teachers who sit in on the teacher interview with the team, please let us know because this is a very important role as you are the voice representing our school teacher group.   Huge thanks to Erika Bowen for leading this effort. Thank you so much Erika! You have done a terrific job and we are incredibly grateful.

Teaching Tips

Here’s a nice article that summarizes this past week’s staff meeting on avoiding power struggles by giving kids choices.  As you read this and review our last staff meeting, take a few moments to think about ways in which you are empowering children by giving them choices.

“Everyone in this world wants some power and control over their own lives. Have you ever said “I feel like my life is so out of control”?  We feel stressed and anxious when we are out of control.

Just like us, children don’t like feeling out of control.  They like to have a say, they like to make decisions about their lives.  They want some power. When they don’t get power, they will fight for it.  This is when power struggles happen.

When you give a child choices, you give them a sense of power.  When you give a child a few choices that you are ok with, then they are more likely to comply with your request.  They feel good about feeling in control and you feel good because your child is doing what you want them to.  It’s a win win.”

You can read the complete article by clicking here.


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