Week of February 21, 2017

Dear Staff,

I happened upon this beautiful Standing O Valentine letter that was written by one of our new fifth grade students this year.  She wrote it and gave it to her teachers.  I saw it hanging in their room, and as I read it, it brought tears to my eyes.  This… this is what it’s all about.  This is what WE are all about.  This is why we do what we do everyday, this is why even on our hardest days we keep coming back.  It’s not magic or maybe it is, maybe that human bond of having a real connection with someone, a relationship, is truly magic.  For this sweet girl it surely is, because she no longer fades into the background. Her teachers and her classmates have recognized her and made her feel welcomed and apart of something.  It is a lasting impact that will stay with her forever.  I share her words with you below and hope that they touch you as deeply as they touched me, and with that I say a sincere and deep thank you for making our students feel noticed.  Thank you for making them feel loved and important.  You are what makes CSD stand apart from the rest, you are the reason we have a wait list of over 3, 000, you are the reason parents and students love our school, you are the magic!

I was used to moving from school to school so I wasn’t really scared of the idea and reality of having a new school, but of the idea (and once again reality) of having a new teacher or teachers.  Some of my past teachers weren’t kind and I had started to perfect the art of fading into the background.  But when I came to CSD I felt welcome by not only student but teachers!  You were part of the reason I started to enjoy school and math, which I never had a problem with but always bored me so I didn’t use to work as hard on it as other subjects.  But when I started learning math here it was fun and I know you didn’t just snap your fingers to make me enjoy it.  You put energy, care, and enthusiasm into everything you do and that’s what makes it so fun!  Next year I’ll be in middle school and I don’t know if I’ll like my teachers or not.  All I know is that I will never meet a teacher as helpful, witty and kind as you!

All of you hold these words close to your heart because this is what you do on a daily basis.  Go and continue to make magic, for the children of this world need you now more than ever!

Much love,



Monday, February 22
President’s Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, February 21
8:30 Love and Logic Parenting Class w/ Marianne
Coppola to the Laurels
Washam to William’s Place
Wednesday, February 22
K-7 Grab and Go Luncheon
Thursday, February 23
Kindergarten Gallery Crawls
MS Dance Dress Rehearsal at HS Black Box (Leslie at HS to supervise)
Friday, February 24
MS Dance Performances at HS Black Box (Juli and Marianne alternate being at HS to supervise)

Upcoming Dates
Feb 27 – CSD Lottery 4:00 – HS Black Box
Feb 28 – 4th Grade Mountain Unit Sharing
Mar 1 – K-7 Staff Meeting in Black Box
Mar 7-8 – AdvancEd Accreditation Visit
Mar 7 – Parent Advisory 7:30 at HS
Mar 8 – K-12 Staff Meeting after school (Accreditation Results)
Mar 9-10 – Teacher Workdays – NO SCHOOL
Mar 9 – 7th Grade SLC’s
Mar 14 – 6th Grade Butterfly Project
Mar 15 – K-7 Staff Meeting MS Black Box
Mar 17 – 3rd Grade Charlotte Symphony
Mar 17 – 7th Grade Asia Day
March 25 – CSD Auction
Week of March 20th – EOG Pre-testing and Data Analysis to be completed by 3/27/16
Week of Mar 27 – 5th Grade Operas
Week of March 27 – EOG Review and Prep Begins
Mar 29 – Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Week of April 3 – 5th Grade Operas
April 7 – 16 – Spring Break
April 17 – Classes Resume

Upcoming “BIG” Dates:
May 12-13 – Staff Retreat
Week of May 15 – EOG’s
May 30 – State of the School Address
May 31 – Last Day of School
June 1-2 – Teacher Workdays

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