Week of April 3, 2017

Dear Staff,

This week the admin team gathered together on Wednesday to work on some long-term planning and big-picture thinking.  I find this kind of work to be stimulating, invigorating, and also somewhat overwhelming at times.  I always leave these sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, but then I find myself giving my entire life a complete overhaul and do-over in my mind.  It’s kind of like my inner Joanna and Chip take over by keeping the overall structure of my essence intact while making some awesome changes to the smaller units of my being.  (If that makes any sense)  My point is…while these types of reflecting/brainstorming sessions can be wonderfully productive, they can also leave us in a place of not knowing where to begin.  That’s pretty much where my head was on Wednesday.  So in typical Juli fashion, I threw on my shoes, grabbed my phone and my buds, and hit the road to declutter the mess in my mind.  As luck would have it (and just for the record, I don’t really believe in luck – I’m much more of a “blessing” or “sign” kind of girl), I stumbled across a really cool podcast that was entitled “Be 1% Better.”  The more research I’ve done on this, the more I realize this is not a new concept, but for some reason it resonated deeply with me in that moment.  The basic idea is that all we achieve or become is the result of little changes repeated over time.  Too often, we think about life in terms of “big moments” or events – losing 50 pounds, running a marathon, writing a book, etc…  But it’s really not about the moment the event comes to fruition.  It’s about the many little steps or decisions along that way that bring us to that place.  And just for the record, this works in reverse, too.  You don’t lose 50 pounds overnight just like you don’t wake up 50 pounds heavier.  These changes are the result of lots of little choices and decisions compounded over time.  So I ask you this – What would happen in your life if you made a commitment to be 1% better every day?  Think about it and do the math (and for the record, I found this math on the Internet, so if it is not accurate, I hold the Internet responsible!!! Hahaha).  1% better everyday, when compounded, would result to becoming 3,800% better each year.  Conversely, 1% worse each day, compounded, would mean losing 97% of your value each year.  So I urge you to take your “whole” self into account and consider the following:

Physically – What can I do to be 1% better each day?  Park further from the school to acquire more steps in any given day?  Get 30 more minutes of sleep each night?  Eat another serving of leafy green vegetables each day?

Emotionally – What can I do to be 1% better each day?  Love a little more?  Forgive a little more quickly?  Complain a little less?  Be gentler with myself? 

Mentally – What can I do to be 1% better each day?  Read for 10 more minutes?  Work on a sudoko or crossword?  Begin to learn a new language or acquire a new hobby or skill?

Spiritually – What can I do to be 1% better each day?  (And by “spiritual” I’m not necessarily talking about anything associated with religious practice.  It can be, but doesn’t have to be.  We all have a spirit inside of us that needs to be nourished.  To me, it can be as simple as focusing on the interconnected nature of our universe).  Where can I be more grateful?  Where can I do a better job of expressing my gratitude?  How could I spend 10 more minutes doing something that feeds my soul? – Dancing, singing, painting… Could I add 5 minutes of journaling or meditation into my daily routine?

In closing, as we enter this season of review, refection, and goal setting with our students, I encourage you to think in terms of 1%’s.  It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by big tasks, big steps, and big expectations, so it’s our job as the adults in their lives to help our students simplify.  Think small; accomplish BIG.  It is my hope that this 1% mindset will help all of us remember the powerful impact of incremental steps over time, because in the end, it’s not so much about the final outcome as it is about mastering our habits along the way.  And when we focus on the little things we do each day, we have a far better chance of ending up where we want to be.

Four more days until Spring Break… You can do it!  Just take it one day at a time, and remember to ask yourself – What can I do to be 1% better everyday?  And enjoy your Spring Break whatever you do!  May each day be longer than the last, sweeter than the previous, and filled with a constant stream of love, laughter, rest, and relaxation.



teachers leaving for spring break


Staff Retreat Survey – Please make sure you complete it by clicking here!  Remember that room and board are covered but we do ask that you come if you sign up so that we don’t waste funds on spots not taken! All full and part time staff members are invited and we do hope you will be able to attend this important annual event in the life of our school community.  This year we have invited a guest speaker team who will help us explore the notion of Broadening our Perspectives and we anticipate that it’s going to be an amazing weekend that will lead to better things at CSD.

Announcement:  We are VERY excited to announce that after a year of research conducted by parents and staff members, we have decided to take our carpool dismissal to the next level.  Be on the lookout for more information to come very soon….but just to pique your interest, feel free to take a sneak peak …. http://www.pikmykid.com/   More to come soon!  Stay tuned!


Monday, April 3rd
Admin in Screening Interviews all day
Holshouser Opera Dress Rehearsal
Tuesday, April 4th
Holshouser Opera
Wednesday, April 5th 
Teckenbrock Opera Dress Rehearsal
K-7 Staff Meeting – Final Love and Logic Session
Thursday, April 6th
Teckenbrock Opera
Friday, April 7th

Upcoming Dates
April 7 – 16 – Spring Break
April 17 – Classes Resume
April 17 – Earth Day – 4th Grade
April 18 – Earth Day – 3rd Grade
April 19 – Earth Day – 1st Grade
April 19 – 4th Grade to Old Salem
April 19 – Special Olympics
April 20 – Earth Day – 2nd Grade
April 20 – K to Children’s Theater
April 21 – Earth Day – 6th and 7th Grades
April 24 – 6/7 Dance Dress Rehearsals
April 25 – Kids Are Worth It Book Talk for Parents – 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. MS Black Box
April 26 – 6/7 Dance Sharings
April 26 – Teacher Appreciation Grab and Go Lunch
April 26 – MS/HS Band Performance – 7:00 p.m. at Pine Lake Auditorium
April 27 – Earth Day – Kindergarten
April 28 – 3rd Grade Walking Tour
May 6 – Spartan 5K and Half Marathon
May 10 – K-7 Mandatory Staff Meeting – EOG Training w/ Angela
May 12 – CSD Retreat; Teacher Workday
May 16th – Last Day of 6/7 Branch Electives
May 15th – Last Day of 6/7 Arts Electives
May 16 – 5th Grade Science EOG
May 18 – ELA EOG – Grades 3-7
May 19 – Math EOG – Grade 3-7
May 18-19 – 2nd Grade to Rescue Ranch
May 23 – 3rd Grade Poetry Slam
May 24-25 – 7th Grade Ropes Course
May 24-25 – Holocaust Museum
May 26th – Kindergarten Screening; Required Teacher Workday
May 29 – Memorial Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL
May 30 – State of the School
May 30 – 7th Grade Change Project
May 31 – Last Day of School (5th Grade Moving Up) (6/7 Dance)
June 1-2 – Teacher Workdays
June 1 – CSD Graduation at Belk Theater

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